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That chocolate rabbit...

I was in college when my boyfriend, now husband, mailed me some Easter goodies from his work (The Fudge Shoppe). I remember opening the box and seeing a chocolate rabbit, perfectly milk chocolate & hollow. Just what I wanted. I was so happy! I knew my roommates would be jealous of this adorable yummy treat but there were some other things in the box that I would be able to share with them. No one was getting this bunny but me! Well, weeks go by and I still hadn’t eaten the darn thing. Whoops. So I decided to eat the ears first, because that’s the only way to start (am I right?!) Ears are gone now and I’m left with a brilliant idea! Let’s fill this baby with milk and use it as a cup! Drink from a straw! Thinking I was the only one who must have thought of this, I smiled proudly as I drank from my chocolate bunny. My roommates thought it was hilarious (if only we had a nostalgic 2007 picture to prove it) but the memory lives on! 
Chocolate bunnies are so fun to eat because there are …

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