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Kids at the Shoppe

We absolutely love children! We are a family business that is proud to support families! Most of us have kids of our own. When Anna and Allen started The Fudge Shoppe they lived upstairs with their family. What a sweet place (literally) to grow up. Their kids (Leslie, Susan, & Steve) continued to grow in the Shoppe and all work full time making candy. THEIR kids even work here (Adam & Leanne, and Dana did too). It’s really a beautiful thing to have 4 generations making the same delicious chocolates and candies we’ve all loved for over 50 years!

We love seeing a child’s reaction when they enter the store. Whether it’s the first time or their 100th, their faces light up and their eyes are filled with wonder. From the bright gummi candies to the animal shaped chocolate moulds, the kids feel like they’re in "Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory". Some run towards the shoestring licorice while others stand in awe at the big lollipops on the wall.

It’s hard not to want to touch …

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