That chocolate rabbit...

I was in college when my boyfriend, now husband, mailed me some Easter goodies from his work (The Fudge Shoppe). I remember opening the box and seeing a chocolate rabbit, perfectly milk chocolate & hollow. Just what I wanted. I was so happy! I knew my roommates would be jealous of this adorable yummy treat but there were some other things in the box that I would be able to share with them. No one was getting this bunny but me! Well, weeks go by and I still hadn’t eaten the darn thing. Whoops. So I decided to eat the ears first, because that’s the only way to start (am I right?!) Ears are gone now and I’m left with a brilliant idea! Let’s fill this baby with milk and use it as a cup! Drink from a straw! Thinking I was the only one who must have thought of this, I smiled proudly as I drank from my chocolate bunny. My roommates thought it was hilarious (if only we had a nostalgic 2007 picture to prove it) but the memory lives on! 

Chocolate bunnies are so fun to eat because there are so many ways to consume them! Some start with ears, some prefer to eat solid rabbits, some smash it to pieces! 

Parents, what’s your plan with your kids leftover bunny? Will you eat it if they don’t? Will you continue the legend of the chocolate bunny cup? Oh but wait! We have more ideas for you! Don’t let that bunny go to waste!

  • Chop that bunny up and use it for any recipe that calls for chocolate chunks! We’re talking brownies or chocolate chunk cookies! Muffins! Anything! Recycling at its finest!
  • Melt it down and dip your favorite treats (fruit, pound cake, nuts, etc)
  • Break it up and save it for when you just want to eat the best chocolate around but can’t make it to our shoppe. Some people like to freeze it too, but just simply placing in a airtight container in the cuppord will do.
  • Or simply smash it just for kicks! (And eat it)

We hope you’ve had some fun reading this little humorous post, but we want to know your thoughts. Do you plan to get creative with your chocolate bunny? We want to hear your stories!

Happy Easter! Thank you for a wonderful 2018 season!